3 Months on T!

Three months!  1/4 of a year!  I haven’t seen much change this month, other than my voice getting a notch deeper (and getting lots of questions about if I have a cold), and a few very faint chin hairs.  But I’ve been focused more on life changes this month than physical changes.  My official name change order came in the mail yesterday, so I am now legally Austin Elliot. I’ve been making arrangements to come out at work, and I’m also thinking about how to come out on Facebook in two weeks.

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I went to the courthouse this morning

My name change documents are filed.  In case you were wondering…I went with Austin. In 2-6 weeks, I should have my new name in the mail.  With a new name I can update my driver’s license (name and gender marker), passport (name and gender marker), social security card, credit cards, etc., etc., etc.  I’m gonna be honest that I’m not looking forward to the paperwork.  (I’m still not done from the first time around.)

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What’s My Name?

I decided to transition only after choosing a name. For months, I had thought of several names, tried them on intellectually, and finally felt I found “the one” when the name Austin came to me. Austin worked because I could see him when I looked in the mirror–the young-looking androgynous reflection responded to that name with a boyish smile. Having a name immediately gave life to the male figure inside me. Austin became a golem I was building in my closet, to be breathed to life when the form was sufficiently complete. Austin was the specter of the man I could become. Let there be Austin and there was Austin.

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