In the land of tall women and short men

I am so lucky to be here at the Philly Trans Health Conference.  I’m here to learn (and I’ve been learning a ton, so mission accomplished).  I am in awe of how it feels to be in a trans/nonbinary majority space.  To walk the halls with people of all combinations of gender identity and gender expressions.  And to feel so normal and empowered by all of it.   It’s also nice not to be the shortest guy in the room for once.

There are also so many heroes here.  Legal and political advocates, policy makers, academics, activists, medical professionals, and so many others that help trans people achieve recognitions, acceptance, and access to basic services and accommodations.  Thank you to everyone I’ve met–you’re my heroes.

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Daytime Talk of the 1990s

I watched a lot of TV as a kid.  My brother and I were latchkey kids, and basically turned on the TV from the moment we got home at 2:30 until my parents came back from work at 6:00.  There were cartoons (Ducktails!), schlocky teen series (Out of This World), and syndicated sitcoms (My Two Dads).  Except for Ricki Lake, the talk shows were on earlier in the day, so I only got to watch them if I was home sick (which I was, a lot).

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