10 Months on T (first post-op monthly update)

So a few things are different about this monthly update . The main event this month screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-7-25-22-pmwas my top surgery.  I was pretty much a recluse all month, so my 100% success rate in being “sirred” is due to the fact that I was addressed as anything a whopping one time.  The other thing is that this month, my hormonal changes ground to a halt because I was off testosterone for three of the four weeks (surgeon’s orders).  I only now feel like I’m getting back to normal.

But the good news is that all the tape on my chest incisions came off and this is the first month I can share totally topless progress photos.  The bad news is that after several weeks of inactivity and stuffing my face, I got pretty fat.  Three more weeks before I can hit the gym.

Pics and video after the jump.

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Schroedinger’s Boobs

It is done.  I has surgery today to remove my breasts.  At the moment, I am completely wrapped up in bandages and will be for a week.  I know the surgery was done–I went to the hospital, I met with the doctor and a huge team, I went under, and I woke up in recovery with my chest covered in bandages.  But until I see the change when it is revealed in my one week follow up appointment, my brain can’t process it.  So, it is like under the bandages I both have boobs and don’t have boobs.

This week, I hope to post a lot as I recover.  I’d like to report out on the whole top surgery process so far and I’d really like to talk about doubt and certainty. So stay tuned.  I’ll try to post pics, too.

Excerpts from Our Annual Christmas Letter

Before blogs, families had to use the postal system to air their laundry. My Dad managed to get a January or February Christmas letter off somewhat annually. As it turns out, these make a pretty neat summary of my childhood. 

Age 0

[This year] began on May 25 with the birth of A– E–. We have little recall of events prior to that date. The day was as sunny, beautiful and fragrant as the baby it brought. A– is an eager little person whose curiosity, determination and brute strength already challenge her brother’s well established domain. She is something unusual for [our family]–BIG!  [Ed. note: that was short lived :(]

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