Top Surgery Consult

A few weeks ago I had a consult for top surgery. The consult itself went pretty much as expected–I learned only one new thing, which is that the reason for losing sensation in the nipples is due to the severing of a nerve in the chest, not necessarily to the detachment of the nipple itself.

In researching options, I chose Dr Bartlett in Brookline, MA for two reasons. First, the results are really nice. They have good contouring, nice, tight nipples, minimal scarring. Second, it’s close to my parents’ home. I’ve not been impressed with the results of the doctors practicing close to DC and wanted to look elsewhere. Doing it near my childhood home means I have a place for R&R and emotional support on hand in addition to my partner. This is really important because we have a small child who will need caretaking and occupation at the same time I will.  The office staff was incredibly nice and well informed. Two transmasculine patients wandered through the office while I was waiting. Dr Bartlett himself had very kind and knowledgable bedside manner. I picked up on a little sensitivity around the billing questions–but I had to understand the structure. He described in detail what goes into the procedure and recovery and waited patiently as I reviewed the two notebook pages of handwritten questions I had prepared. I was impressed.

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I love my parents

My birthday is tomorrow–it’s also the day I go public in a big way.  Tonight I was on the phone with my parents, when my dad made a perfect dad joke.

Dad: I told someone that tomorrow is my daughter’s last birthday.

Mom: Oh stop it.  You should have said it’s your son’s first birthday.

You’re both right, Mom and Dad.  I love you guys.

Excerpts from Our Annual Christmas Letter

Before blogs, families had to use the postal system to air their laundry. My Dad managed to get a January or February Christmas letter off somewhat annually. As it turns out, these make a pretty neat summary of my childhood. 

Age 0

[This year] began on May 25 with the birth of A– E–. We have little recall of events prior to that date. The day was as sunny, beautiful and fragrant as the baby it brought. A– is an eager little person whose curiosity, determination and brute strength already challenge her brother’s well established domain. She is something unusual for [our family]–BIG!  [Ed. note: that was short lived :(]

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