Six Months on T!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 3.37.12 PMA milestone and a tipping point!  This month, as you can see from the ma’am/sir graph, it is far more common to be called sir than ma’am (even on the phone), and with my voice approaching barritone levels, three people have corrected ma’ams to sirs after I spoke.

I keep eating like a horse and gaining weight.  I know I have to do better for the sake of my cholesterol, but the testosterone turns me into an eating machine.  Other than that, the physical changes continue to be gradual.  My legs are hairy, my arms are not.  I haven’t shaved my face this month to get an idea of how my beard is coming in.  As you can see it’s a bit…underwhelming.

Photos and video after the jump.

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