3 Months on T!

Three months!  1/4 of a year!  I haven’t seen much change this month, other than my voice getting a notch deeper (and getting lots of questions about if I have a cold), and a few very faint chin hairs.  But I’ve been focused more on life changes this month than physical changes.  My official name change order came in the mail yesterday, so I am now legally Austin Elliot. I’ve been making arrangements to come out at work, and I’m also thinking about how to come out on Facebook in two weeks.

So, I’m not even that disappointed that in the last month I was not “sirred” a single time.  I’ve been addressed with an honorific a lot less in general, and usually only after some context clue (voice, daughter calling me “mama”, etc).  But I’ll throw this sad little graphic up there anyway:Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.23.54 AM

And for good measure, the rest of my comparison pics. Pre-T on left, 3 months on T on right.

comparison 3 months facecomparison 3 month profilecomparison 3 month frontcomparison 3 month sidecomparison 3 month back

And video, pre-T to 3 months.


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