I went to the courthouse this morning

My name change documents are filed.  In case you were wondering…I went with Austin. In 2-6 weeks, I should have my new name in the mail.  With a new name I can update my driver’s license (name and gender marker), passport (name and gender marker), social security card, credit cards, etc., etc., etc.  I’m gonna be honest that I’m not looking forward to the paperwork.  (I’m still not done from the first time around.)

Speaking of which, the first time I changed my name in court was in Minnesota in 2008, after celebrating a wedding with my partner.  Since our marriage wasn’t legally recognized at the time, we had to go to court and file paperwork, and actually sit for a name change hearing.  The judge was sweet and he said, “I guess this is the closest thing to a gay marriage I’ll get to preside over.”  I hope he’s still on the bench and has been able to marry some gay couples in the last few years.

It’s a happy reminder of how much can change for the better so quickly.  I hope in another eight years, this transgender bathroom nonsense is also a fading blip in the rear-view mirror.




  1. SeekingClarity · April 27, 2016

    Congratulations !!


  2. mmayfaire · April 29, 2016



  3. Fredrication · April 29, 2016

    That’s so sweet of him to say it like that, I too hope he’s still around!


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