Day of Invisibility

Today is an important day. It’s pajama day at my daughter’s preschool. She wore her Batman pajamas. It’s also a day for me to showcase my special super power: invisibility.

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility.  Small problem is that I am still slowly inching out of the closet. I woke up this morning wondering if today was a golden opportunity to come out widely and publicly on Facebook. Then my blood pressure went up and I felt light-headed.

I want to be completely open as transmasculine by my birthday in May, so what’s my hesitation on pulling the trigger sooner?  Maybe I don’t feel passable yet and I want to cook a little longer.  Maybe I’m not sure if I have told enough core people before coming out to my periphery acquaintances via Facebook. Maybe I want to have time to put together a cute and coy coming out post. Maybe I’m chicken.

I figure I have until the clock strikes midnight to take a stand. To all of you out and proud trans men and women out there, happy day of visibility!  To the rest of you, I’m thinking of you even if I can’t see you (yet).


One comment

  1. SeekingClarity · April 1, 2016

    You will know when it is right – things will just suddenly feel right and it will make sense: everyone’s journey is different


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