Serious Question

Can I still be a man if I secretly love A League of their Own?




“There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Line!” and Other Childhood Gender Adventures 

I have so many gender-based memories, some subtle (preferring legos, robotics, antique cars, climbing, and karate to barbies, gymnastics, horses, shopping, or dance). Or the screaming, crying tantrums I would pull at age four when I got a dress for Christmas (I was otherwise a meek and quiet kid). But some are undeniably about gender and take on a special poignancy now that I’ve made sense of my gender identity.

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Daytime Talk of the 1990s

I watched a lot of TV as a kid.  My brother and I were latchkey kids, and basically turned on the TV from the moment we got home at 2:30 until my parents came back from work at 6:00.  There were cartoons (Ducktails!), schlocky teen series (Out of This World), and syndicated sitcoms (My Two Dads).  Except for Ricki Lake, the talk shows were on earlier in the day, so I only got to watch them if I was home sick (which I was, a lot).

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Book Review: Trumpet by Jackie Kay


I’m a book addict. I formed the habit young, and it’s still my best and primary tool for understanding myself and the world I live in (or wished I lived in). I’ve always had a rough go at writing about books, in part because I feel like I’ll reveal that I’m not smart enough to really grasp the nuances, and also because it feels like starting to deconstruct a book ruins it in some ways. I hated writing book reports when I was a kid, and I frustrated my literature professors in college by being able to talk about books breathlessly and eloquently (or at least coherently) but not being able to put together a meaningful written analysis of anything.

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